School Pantry aims to provide emergency food assistance that meets the unique needs of preteens and teens struggling with hunger during the school year.   The program offers flexibility for all involved; schools can select what foods they receive, and students can select what foods they want and can use.  Students can access the pantry sporadically, or regularly as their circumstances dictate.  This model ensures dignity and choice and reduces waste.   Schools can select from nonperishable, fresh, and frozen food as their capacity allows.

School Pantry Fact Sheet

New Schools  

The School Pantry program continues to grow.  Thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors, there is funding available to bring the School Pantry Program to new schools.  We are excited to talk to potential new School Pantry partners about participating in School Pantry. Please contact the Food Bank to learn more about the School Pantry onboarding process.

How you can help

To donate to the School Pantry Program, make a cash donation here and choose “Children’s Programs” in the dropdown menu. To designate your donation to a specific school, please include it in the Partner Agency Name/Number field.

For more information about School Pantry, please contact:

Troy Martin
Children’s Programs Coordinator
(845) 534-5344 x104