Your financial donation – no matter how big or small – goes a long way at the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. Because the bulk of its food is donated and it operates very efficiently, the Food Bank is money_littleable to provide 4 meals worth of food to a hungry person for every dollar donated.


The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley depends upon the support of a generous community to operate.money_lotBy filling out our Donation Form and selecting “Any Available Programs” from the pop-up menu, you are indicating you would like your donation to be applied toward the general operations of the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.

Other Donation Opportunities

Gift BasketsColor CornDoveSledHandsGift Alternative
The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley’s Gift Alternative program offers people an opportunity to feed their hungry neighbors by making a donation to the Food Bank in honor of family, friends, and business associates.

Contributions to this program help the Food Bank provide nutritious food all year long to food pantries and other charitable agencies feeding hungry people in 23 counties of northeastern New York.

For a donation of $5.00 or more per gift, the Food Bank will provide a card acknowledging that a financial gift to feed the hungry has been made in the name of the recipient. The Food Bank offers a memorial card, an “In Honor of” card for birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and five specially designed holiday cards.

The holiday cards contain the following message, except the Gift Basket card, which is blank: “In recognition of your generous spirit and in keeping with the true meaning of the holiday season, a financial gift to feed the hungry has been donated to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.“

For more information about ordering Gift Alternative cards, please call Kelly Galeas at 845-534-5344 or send us a message via our Contact Form.

To assist our member programs with their important work of feeding those in need, the Food Bank developed a fundraising effort called Adopt-a-Program, or AAP. AAP establishes lines of credit for member agencies to offset their shared maintenance contributions and the costs of purchased food. These credits enable programs to secure more food for their clients. 100% of AAP contributions go on account for member agencies. AAP also allows the Food Bank to extend its reach throughout a 6-county service area, and allows donors to keep their funds in the local community.

The Food Bank solicits AAP donations from churches, community groups, companies, and individuals. Donors may select specific agencies to support or allow the Food Bank to select agencies most in need. Adopt-a-Program helps agencies stretch their food buying power, and enables donors to address local needs in an efficient and effective manner.

For more information about Adopt-a-Program, please call Elizabeth Harris at 845-534-5344 or send us a message via our Contact Form.

Planned Giving
The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley has partnered with the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region’s Legacy Partnership Program. This partnership allows current and new donors to make contributions to the Food Bank through charitable gift vehicles such as bequests, life insurance, stock, and retirement plans that will benefit the donor by allowing them to enjoy maximum tax benefits while creating a lasting family legacy. Through a planned gift, donors can provide financial support to the Food Bank well into the future.

For more information about Planned Giving, please call Toni Gutter or Jessica Fetonti at 845-534-5344 or send us a message via our Contact Form.