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O&FS April 15 2014Be sure to sign up for this very informative and important Workshop coming to Kingston, June 19, Montgomery August 26, Haverstraw October 28, and in Orange December 4. You will learn about safe handleing of food, code dates, food recalls, and how to get the most out of the Food Bank. If your agency receives HPNAP funding, you must attend a food safty workshop every 5 years.
Hope to see you there!

Our Member Services Department has been working hard to come up with new, informative, exciting, and fun workshops to help you do what you do even better.

Events & Workshops 2014

Agency Spending & Budgeting

Agencies are welcome to come and learn the best ways to utilize their funds and how to get the most out of the Food Bank’s resources. We work with the agencies to develop a spending plan and teach ways of sticking to a budget.

Agency Roundtable – Rockland, Dutchess, Orange

Agencies located in specific counties are invited to join their fellow agencies to discuss successes as well as challenges they are facing within their individual agencies. This is a preliminary workshop that will take place 3 times this year.

Client Choice Tours

Member agencies visit a Food Bank member that is already practicing a Client Choice method of distribution. They learn how this method of distribution can be implemented into their distributions.

Feeding America & You: Understanding Your Agency’s Role in Alleviating Hunger in America

This workshop highlights the results of the Hunger Study 2010 and introduces Feeding America’s (formerly America’s Second Harvest’s) challenge to more adequately serve those in need in our communities.

Fundraising 101

The Food Bank invites member agencies to learn how to become more familiar with raising funds on their own and finding resources they may not know are available to them. We will discuss fundraising fundamentals and methods and brainstorm ideas that could help agencies become more resourceful to their clients.


Agencies are encouraged to learn the processes of applying for and utilizing the New York State Department of Health HPNAP and OSP grants.

Nutrition #1 & #2: Providing Food for Better Health & Cooking Without a Kitchen
Spring, Fall

Staff nutritionist from the Regional Food Bank of NENY as well as Department of Health Nutrition Representatives teach basic nutrition practices for all agencies.

Orientation & Food Safety Workshop
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

The Food Bank’s member agencies receive full training on every aspect of the Food Bank’s policies and procedures and a lesson on best practices and food safety. This class is held 5 times throughout the year.

Outreach Opportunities
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Agencies attend a session to learn about other resources that are available to their clients. This includes but is not limited to; literacy skills, insurance, food stamps, heat/oil bill assistance, etc.

Social Media/PR 101

Agencies learn the importance of Social Media and PR to benefit their program.

Which of these workshops you would most like to see offered regularly?
Please write or email us to let us know.

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